Own Who You Are

Own Who You Are

Brain Training Workbook For Performers



Develop routines that focus on a growth mindset

Manage emotions and face your critical voice

Control your attention by connecting with your body systems

Enhance self-esteem through ownership of core values and character

Maximize progress by igniting gratitude


Own Who You Are is the first workbook of the Compete Well Brain Training series. It is specifically focused on helping you, the performer, develop fundamental routines to maintain and build confidence, joy, and pride in your performance. 

Spearheaded by Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Amanda Ferranti, she has teamed up with a coach, an educator, and a school counselor to create this foundations workbook. Sport Psychology forms the framework that drives the strategic activities within these pages, which have been systematically laid out in order to foster a growth mindset, strengthen self-esteem, and ultimately enhance your performance outcomes.


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