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Own Who You Are is the first workbook of the Compete Well Brain Training series. It is specifically focused on helping you, the performer, develop fundamental routines to maintain and build confidence, joy, and pride in your performance. 

Spearheaded by Certified Mental Performance Consultant, Amanda Ferranti, she has teamed up with a coach, an educator, and a school counselor to create this foundations workbook. Sport Psychology forms the framework that drives the strategic activities within these pages, which have been systematically laid out in order to foster a growth mindset, strengthen self-esteem, and ultimately enhance your performance outcomes.


Establish healthy routines that build confidence and foster a growth mindset

Create actions plans to take control and change behaviors.

Learn an Emotional Management Framework and connect with yourself. 

Identify your emotional triggers and their performance effects.

Develop strategies to calm your brain and body. 

Enhance self-esteem through ownership of core values and character.

Improve relationships by igniting gratitude. 

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The 5 A's Emotion Management Routine - Coaches Manual

As a Certified Mental Performance Consultant (CMPC), Princeton Alumna, former semi-pro player, and licensed coach, I have combined my extensive knowledge and experience to develop The 5 A’s - a process that offers a tangible way to move from an uncomfortable or debilitative state towards a more desirable or facilitative one. In essence, The 5 A’s is a recalibration tool that can help individuals increase the frequency of time that they are performing in their ideal state. When used properly and routinely, The 5 A’s can be an efficient way to enhance your players’ resiliency as well as performance consistency.


This manual offers tangible strategies for coaches, managers, parents, or any type of leader to utilize the 5 A’s in their guidance of others. For a greater impact, it is highly recommended to develop a deeper understanding of the process by mastering the routine oneself. Which is why in this manual I will explain how you can personally navigate each of the 5 A’s in detailed instructions.